Belona Ferne


    Every country in the world, and almost every city, has the own arm.  In the drawing of arm the most main property of present district is usually included. In America every state has the arm. So, on the arm of State Texas is represented blue flower. And here, it is rendered, why.
Spring in Texas all road borders are covered with blankets of blue flowers. Wild flowers, heads of which are so similar on graceful maiden flats, they are simply named - blue flats (bluebonnet).
About appearance of these beautiful flowers ancient legend says, people carefully pass it of mouth in mouth.
Once in all territory of Texas there was very severe winter. Weather was such frosty, such cold winds blew that people have lost the majority of animals. After this severe winter there has come very hot droughty summer! Some months there were not rain drops, and people have lost almost all plants.
By the autumn in all state already there was absolutely nothing to eat, and many people have started to leave native places. Young threw houses, took away children and left who where, weak and old died one after another. Having seen that nobody will soon remains in this district, the Main Priest of all tribes has addressed to Great Spirit with entreaty about rescue. The big Spirit already waited this address and with grief has told what price it is possible to escape.
Next morning the Main Priest has called all inhabitants and declared will of the Big Spirit. «You will be rescued, if will bring on Sacrificial Fire the most expensive, from that you have».
People have listened to a condition and have dispersed on houses. All the day long they cried and trembled, as everyone had something very much and very for him dear, what was impossible to part.
Evening came, but nobody brought anything to Sacrificial Fire...
In one, already thin, village the little Girl lived, she heard too the appeal of the Main Priest. The Girl had the small wooden doll, which’s dress she has made of feathers blue jay. The Girl very long sewed this dress, because jay brought to her only one small feather per day. The Girl so loved the doll that never let it out her hands! She loved it the same as mother loves the child, and has been certainly assured that her doll is the most precious in the world! But the Girl saw, how people began to feel bad, and could not fall asleep this evening. She has put a doll on a pillow as it was always, but for some reason she couldn’t not sing to it a lullaby a song, which has learnt from blue jay. The Girl silently looked at her treasure and did not breathe almost.
Finally, she dared! She has gone to the Sacrificial Fire and has put the favorite in fire!
The flame has captured the Doll, has lifted her high-highly, has begun to whirl … and when azure feathers of jay met with fire – the Doll has flashed, as beam of sun and was showered by sparkling ashes. The Girl went and cried. She did not notice that from movement of her hands there was a fresh wind which picked up ashes and carried it further and further on dry fields, she did not notice that her tears turned to a warm rain.
At last the Girl has come home and, having fallen without powers in the child's bed, has fallen asleep.
The sun has started to rise.
Suddenly the Girl was woken by joyful shouts of people! She came on a high porch and … has stood from unexpected beauty! All fields, which still yesterday showed with themselves the grey cracked earth, now have been entirely covered by blue flowers! Flowers of color of a dress of her doll, of air florets of color of feathers of blue jay!
People joyfully looked around round, asking each other: «Whence, whence has this miracle dawned on us? »
At this moment blue jay has appeared in the sky, it has flown up to the Girl and has started to whirl over her head,. And the Girl, having pulled to bird by the handles, has begun to smile, and all have seen that in hands of her there is not doll! People have abated. They have understood who has rescued them.
Since then each person living in the State of Texas, looks at blue flowers and with gratitude recollects the Girl who for the sake of rescue of people has offered the dearest that was in her life

     There are scientists who are engaged in studying of everything, what touches human life, which are not able to read and write. Usually it is tribes of the radical people, in America it is Indians. Among tribes of Indians and now there are such villages where people never studied at schools. Legends are transferred orally, therefore the story very much depends on that, how much the person is given with talent of the story-teller. And however people keep the main theme of a legend.

Texas folklorist J. Frank Dobie recorded an Indian legend regarding the origin of this beautiful wildflower